Holy Sits truly came to life sitting on the beach together watching our crew rage in the water. We are excited to share our chairs because of the ease it has brought to our families. We are done with the clunky and bulky chairs that made us question whether bringing chairs at all was worth it. Our dream is to always slow down the pace and be present. We hope these chairs help you do just that. 

We all grew up on the beaches of San Diego, CA (yes all of us) so when the vision became a reality we thought only about the beach. Since we've had our own chairs we recognize that they are great for the edge of the pool, concerts in the park, yoga retreats, back of a pickup and so much more. We are ecstatic to get these in your hands. 

We're bursting with excitement to share the Finn and Rio addition of Holy Sits with everyone. 

Thanks for supporting locals!

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